Microchip Clinics



Without a voice, without a tag, your pet may never find their way home. Microchips are a safe and affordable way to keep you and your pet together forever. Microchip cost is $25.00, including registration. A priceless investment in your pet!

NHA is offers several opportunities for you to microchip your pet.



$25 (For the Life of the Pet and includes registration with Homeagain)


DATE                                                                     EVENT/PLACE                                                   


April 16, 2016                                                     National Pet Month       

                                                                            Nashville Humane Association 213 Oceola Avenue


June 11, 2016                                                     Nashville Humane Feline Frenzy Month

                                                                             Nashville Humane Association 213 Oceola Avenue


August 20, 2016                                                       The Dog Spot – West Nashville 5001 Alabama Ave.


September 17, 2016                                        Dog Day (10 A.M.-3 P.M.)

                                                                         Centennial Park 2500 West End Avenue


October 1, 2016                                                Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

                                                                          Nashville Pet Products, Hermitage

                                                                           4066 Andrew Jackson Parkway


December 3, 2016                                            Home For The Holidays

                                                                         Nashville Humane Association 213 Oceola Avenue

All Microchip Clinics are from 11AM - 1PM (Unless otherwise noted)

Commonly asked questions about microchips:

Q: Can I microchip my cat, or is this just for dogs?
A: You can microchip your cat, and given a cats curiosity—we recommend you do so!

Q: How large is a microchip?
A: The microchip is smaller than a grain of rice.

Q: How will it effect my pet?
A: It is just like receiving a shot and does not hurt your pet.

Q: Where is the microchip inserted?
A: The microchip is inserted between the pet’s shoulder blades.

Q: Who administers the microchip?
A: It is administered by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: No appointment necessary. Just show up!