Look for Teddy's Wagon in Nashville and Find Your New Furry Friend!

We’ll make it easy! Here’s where we’ll be:

February 28th- Petsmart 100 Oaks, 719 Thompson Lane

March 7th- Nashville Lifestyles Cover Dog Event, Cheekwood

March 14th- Downtown Subaru

March 21st- Gazebo Apartments, 141 Neese Drive

March 28th- Cedars at Elm Hill Apartments, 2131 Elm Hill Pike

April 4th- Edgehill Rocks

April 11th- Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

April 18th- 5/3 Bank, Murphy Rd. 

Times are 10am-3pm unless otherwise specified.


Teddy’s Wagon is our beloved, customized mobile pet adoption unit, complete with a meet & greet room.  On weekends, Teddy’s Wagon travels throughout Davidson County with multiple available pets and their trusted guardians: Teddy’s Team.  This volunteer force consists of certified pet adoption volunteers eager to help you adopt your new companion.  They may also inform you of dogs and cats available at NHA, in case your furry friend happens to have stayed back at the shelter.

Teddy’s Wagon places over 100 animals into loving homes each year!  While that may not seem like a lot, you should know that it really is.  And if we may brag some more, Teddy’s Wagon has also served as an animal refuge to our neighbors during times of crisis.  Given its mobility, our DART team has utilized Teddy’s Wagon in response efforts such as the Macon County Tornadoes and the May 2010 Nashville Floods, in addition to transporting animals from puppy mill raids throughout Tennessee.

Love our wagon as much as we do, and wish to schedule it for a corporate or community event? Please contact Sherrie Hession at (615) 352-1010 or at Sherrie@nashvillehumane.org.