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Roscoe and Sheba


I wanted to share our adoption story with you. We went to the shelter just before Christmas looking to get a cat/kitten friend for our stray kitten who adopted us in October 2010. My husband and I split up with the kids, I going to the cat room and my husband wandering off to the dog area. I quickly found a beautiful all black girl named Midnight (now Sheba) with a very sweet disposition who was about a year old. My husband came in to tell me that we needed to go look at the puppies. I said Sure we can always get a cat and a dog."

Upon entering the room, the first kennel to my right had a sweet little boy who was shaking. We went and looked at the other pups, but I came back to Dax (now Roscoe) and took him out. The instant we picked him up, we knew he needed to come home with us.

We brought both Roscoe and Sheba home and they are both so loved and have fun everyday playing with all their friends - Roxie our female lab/shepherd mix we adopted from NHA 8 years ago has decided that Roscoe is very fun to play with and cuddle with, and Sheba and Hayley (our stray kitten) have decided Roscoe is a strange looking cat who is both a fun playmate and sleep mate as well. Our family couldn't be a happier or livelier one! Thank you for all you do - we love Nashville Humane Association!

Chris Strong & Andrew Klopfer
Cane Ridge, TN

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