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Dear Wonderful People at Nashville Humane Association:
I just wanted to tell you how I've been doing. It's been eight months since my new mommy came to get me from your shelter. I was known as Hunter there and didn't think I'd EVER get a new forever home! My mommy and daddy came to pick me up since my human sister was due home from summer camp the next day and her dog passed away from old age while she was away. The day before mommy came to get me she adopted a sister for me from another shelter who was a month older than me and very shy (she had been abused badly). Mommy says the best thing that could have happened to Jessie was ME.....I am now called Jake by the way. I have a big fenced in yard, toys toys toys and two other doggies and five kitties to play with. I love to snuggle with mom but it isnt' as easy as it once was since I've gotten a LOT bigger. Mommy says I look like a small horse...haha. I get bones in the backyard (they are beef basted so mommy says "NOT in the house") and we have our own swimming pool to play in. We wanted to say thank you for giving me a second chance to find a forever home and I am so happy here. Mommy and Daddy take us to the lake when the weather is warm to swim and since we're lab mixes, we just love it.

Mommy says more people should adopt black labs because we're so sweet and we don't understand why more people wont take us because of our color. I'm the one in the picture with the white chest. Mommy says my sister Jessie and I could almost be blood related we look and act so much alike, I prefer to believe it's the nature of the lab.....

Give a four legged friend a second chance, don't we all need a second chance sometime??
Jake (aka Hunter)
and his forever family!

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