Wednesday, 24 May 2006

We adopted Scruffy from the Nashville Humane Association in October of 2005. Because of my allergies, we were looking for a very specific type of dog with a certain type of fur, and so every couple weeks we'd go back to see if any dogs of the right size and furriness had arrived. On one particular sunny afternoon, we found ourselves face to face with our perfect match Scruffy. When we first brought him home, Scruffy was very scared. The people at the Humane Association told us that he had been adopted before, but had been returned. We had to spend a lot of time loving on Scruffy to reassure him that he was with us to stay!
I would encourage anyone who is looking for a pet to adopt an older dog, like Scruffy, who is about 3 years old. He has never once had an accident in our house, he doesn't chew up our furniture, he doesn't bark, and he doesn't jump all over everyone. We don't know much about his background, and sometimes he gets spooked by new things, but we have never met a sweeter, more well behaved dog! His only vice is getting on the couch when he thinks we aren't looking!
Scruffy's favorite activity is going on walks with my husband, second of course to being petted. He also enjoys pulling the stuffing out of his toys and he is currently learning to roll over. Sometimes I just look into his big caramel colored eyes and wonder what on earth could possess someone to abandon or mistreat my sweet boy.

I am so happy that God blessed us with such a wonderful companion, and so grateful to the Nashville Humane Association for continuing to promote animal adoption in our community. Scruffy thanks you, too.

Ben, Amy, and Scruffy James

Posted on 05/24/2006 by NHA
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